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Download YouTube ReVanced App and Enjoy revolutionary advanced features like Ads Blocker, SponsorBlock, Background Play, AMOLED Mode, and more for free. So, If you’re tired of constant interruptions by ads while trying to enjoy your favorite videos on YouTube then Install Today the futuristic version of YouTube known as YouTube ReVanced developed by GitHub, and get features like you never used.

Updated on 20th January 2024 (Source: GitHub)

Version 18.38.44

YouTibe Revanced is a third-party open-source App developed by a group of independent developers on GitHub. This Application was designed to enhance the user experience on YouTube with Bundles of Features like Ad-free Videos, background playback, picture-in-picture mode, custom theme, and many more. Due to modified version, this App was not available on Google Play Store. To use ReVanced YouTube, You need to Download the APK file from GitHub.

What is YouTube ReVanced?

NameYouTube ReVanced
Size144 MB
DeveloperReVanced Team
Root PermissionNot required
Updated onJanuary 20th, 2024


ReVanced YouTube Functionality

Background Playback Ad-Free content SponsorBlock Dislike Button Instant Download Watch On TV Google Sign in Well Optimized Swipe Controls Anti-Ban Always Free

Download YouTube ReVanced

Unleash Your YouTube Experience: Vanced Beyond Limits!

ReVanced APK File

Or download and install the latest pre-built version of YouTube ReVanced and MicroG, then you can use YouTube ReVanced with all its features.

Looking for older versions?

ReVanced Extended APK

ReVanced Extended was developed by inotia00, who is also a contributor to the original YouTube Vanced project. It is similar to ReVanced but lighter and has specific distinct differences. (*NoName-exe compiles APK)

Try ReVanced Manager, The all in one app (Easy to Install)


How to Install YouTube ReVanced?

Downloading and Installing YouTube ReVanced APK on your Android Device is a very easy and simple process. These steps will work on non-rooted as well as rooted devices. Scroll down to see the full installation guide of the ReVanced App 2023.

Step #2: First Install the MicroG APK File and Then Install the ReVanced APK File on your Device.

(Note- Don’t forget to Enable the Unknown Source from the setting.)

Step #3: Now Open the ReVanced App and sign in with your Google account.

That’s it, Done! Now Enjoy all the features for FREE.


Features of YouTube ReVanced

Background Playback

With YouTube ReVanced, you can continue playing videos even after you close the app and browse other apps or lock your screen.

Ad-Free content

YouTube ReVanced blocks all ads on YouTube Videos, including banner ads, and video ads like YouTube Premium. Enjoy YouTube Videos without interruption.


With the YouTube ReVanced SponsorBlock features, You can easily skip sponsor content, intros, outros, & reminders in the video.

Return YouTube Dislike

In the Official YouTube App, You can’t see the Dislike Count, But with the ReVanced App, you can Return YouTube Dislike (RYD) which allows users to view the Dislike count in every video.

Instant Download

YT ReVanced App comes up with an inbuilt YouTube Video Download Feature. Where users can Download videos up to 4k 60 FPS. But before that, you must have installed PowerTube on your Android.

Watch On TV

The YouTube ReVanced App allows you to Connect your SmartTV to your Phone and Enjoy all the YouTube Content on the Big Screen for FREE without Ads.

Swipe Controls

Turn On the swiping gesture from the Setting to the video player and control brightness, Video Forward, backward, and volume (up & down) with the swiping screen.

Learn more

Google Sign in

With the help of MicroG, Users can Log in to their Google Account to retrieve Channel subscriptions, history, playlists, Interests, and more.

Learn more

Custom Branding

Apart from All the Features, The ReVanced Comes up with Custom Branding or Customization. You can change app icons, Font Style, Color, and many more.

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Unleash Your YouTube Experience: Vanced Beyond Limits!

YouTube ReVanced APK Download

Extra Features

Hidden Features of ReVanced

YouTube ReVanced by GitHub comes up with some amazing features which is decently more than Vanced YouTube. So, always use the Latest Version of the ReVanced APK for reliable experience and useful features. Here are more Hidden Features of the Re-Vanced APP, you can read them below.

Self Customization

The ReVanced App comes up with Custom Branding or Customization Features, Where the app allows users to Customize branding as they like. Users can change the App icon, Layout, Fonts, and many more.

Support MicroG

If you’re an old user of YouTube Vanced and you have already installed the MicroG App on your Device then you don’t need to download the APK now. Because ReVanced YouTube and ReVanced Music both Support MicroG.

Hide Creator’s Watermark

Almost all YouTube Videos come up with a customizable image or Channel Logo on the corner of the Videos. Which helps the content creator to get credit and reach. But in this YouTube ReVanced App has the option to hide the creator’s watermark on the Videos. So, If you don’t like watching watermarks on videos then you have this option too.

Disable the YT Shorts Button

Old YouTube Layout

Do you miss the old layout of YouTube? If yes then the ReVanced can help you recreate old memories with youtube. Simply go to ReVanced App Setting and turn On Old Layout.


The New ReVanced App comes up with auto debugging features. Just Enable YouTube Debugging features from Settings and start the process of troubleshooting and resolving issues related to YouTube videos, such as playback errors, buffering, and slow loading. So, don’t forget to enable this feature avoid those errors, and watch YouTube with full relaxation.

YouTube Vanced vs ReVanced Differents

There are many differences between YouTube Vanced and the ReVanced App. The Latest Version of the ReVanced App comes up with many essential features behind its popularity. Check the difference between the Vanced & ReVanced App.

Limited customizationIncorporates custom-branding
Default Playback SpeedCustom Playback Speed
YouTube shorts are permanentdisable YouTube shorts
Creator watermark is permanentThe creator watermark is permanent
Excludes Premium HeadingIncludes Premium Heading
Same InterfaceHighly Customize Interface

Note: The information provided here is solely for educational and knowledge purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for the official YouTube App.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is YouTube ReVanced?

ReVanced is a well-known modified version of YouTube with multiple useful features like Ads Free, Background Play, Sponserd Block, and many more.

Is it Safe to use ReVanced APK?

It looks safe because till now, there is no news about the app having malware problems. But still, it is not offered by the Official Authority. Not recommended for regular users at this time

How do I download ReVanced APK for Android?

The Downloading process of ReVanced is very easy and simple. You can download the APK File from the Developer’s website.

How do I download ReVanced from GitHub?

Head over to the GitHub Project Page to ReVanced and Download ReVanced Manager and ReVanced APK File.

How do I update ReVanced APK 2023?

ReVanced Manager doesn’t allow you to update the App. You need to Bookmark this page and visit again to get the latest version instantly.

Is it legal to use YouTube ReVanced APK?

Technically, using YouTube Vanced APK is a violation of YouTube’s Terms of Service. There is no clear and cut answer to the question and one should always use the benefit of the doubt. Millions of people using it, and so should you.

Is it free to download ReYoutube Vanced APK?

Yes, YouTube ReVanced APK is completely free to download and use. However, the app is not available on the Google Play Store, and you need to download it from third-party sources.

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In a very short period of time, The ReVanced APK has incredibly gained popularity as the Official Alternative to YouTube Vanced. Although the Vanced APK was good and offered amazing features, due to the discontinuation of Vanced the ReVanced has come to market. So, If you’re looking for Ads Free YouTube along with other amazing features then the ReVanced might be the best option for you. We have tested the app with thousands of users and they have it as a great alternative. If you have downloaded and used the ReVanced APK then don’t forget to your experience with us. If you have any queries then contact us.

We are not affiliated, sponsored, or connected with the original developers of YouTube Vanced. Neither we are the developer nor modifier of the YouTube Vanced app to learn more please read the disclaimer. For any queries or cease and desist and DMCA about this website please contact us.